YOUR CONSULTANT IS Lauren Berry & Josh Baney

My Story

My Story

I used Scentsy for over a year before I became a consultant, I didn't want to "bother" people selling something. I purchased by first Scentsy 09/11/10 while at a stand by for the fire department, honoring 9/11, not many people attended the event, so i was bored and started walking around to the vendors. I purchased the bamboo tail warmer, and some mysterious (yes that's the scent name) wax.

At that time I had resently purchased a new home, and was dealing with the "new house smells". I was a huge candle snob, and had accidently left them lit once or twice (I was lucky), they didn't catch anything on fire. At the time I had 2 dogs so in additiona to the new house smell I was also paranoid about having a dog smell. I had no intention of selling, but everyone who came to my house commented about how great my house smelled, and what to know what it was. I always discribed it as this light bulb thing that warmed wax at the top of my stairs, and made everyone go look at it! Everyone was impressed that you could smell it down the stairs, and around the corner.

I joined Scentsy 11/28/11 on cyber Monday, after having done the math on what I would make off the $500 party I had just had (which was $100-125 for just sharing a book). I decided that if I could feed my habit (at this point I had mostly discontinued using candles), and make a few extra dollars, why not! I never planned on doing much with forward a few months later, I was consistently hitting goals, and by Jan 2013 I had earned an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Hawaii! I went to Hawaii that June; had a great time, and made some fabulous friendships. I have since earned 2 other all expense paid trips, but Hawaii was by far the most memorable. I never imagined these kind of trips were even possible. October 2015 I got married, and hit director that month, a goal that when I first started i thought was impossible. My husband works scentsy along with me, even though he never got to go to Hawaii. It has been a wild ride these past 4.5 years. I have made some AMAZING friendships, and been many places that I thought would only be in my DREAMS.

If you have question's I'm always up for grabbing coffee or wine, and chatting. My cell phone is 240-625-4065, and I do text! So feel free to send me a message.


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